Financial investment (Money Investment) generally refers to the action of placing part of its money or capital in a financial transaction that can bring profitability. We assure you a risk-free (secure) investment with a net profitability of 25% to 40% per month, without any ceiling limit.
25% profit per month for an amount ranging from 2000 € to 5000 €
30% profit per month for an amount ranging from 5000 € to  15.000 €
40% profit per month for an amount greater than 15.000 €

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Alternative risk-free investment to prepare for retirement

The proper distribution of savings is an important concept, the goal of which is to obtain an optimized wealth, that is to say the most efficient possible given your situation. In practice, it consists of placing your money in the most suitable and efficient investments.

Holding an optimized wealth allows you to grow your capital, increase your return and consequently improve your level of wealth and quality of life. In fact, over a long period, a slightly higher profitability automatically leads to a significant increase in income from assets.

To realize this, let’s take an initial capital of € 10,000 placed under investment for a period of 5 years. At the end of 5 years, the capital will be: 150,000 € generating a rate of return on the property of 25% (in the case of an offensive property). At the end of 5 years you therefore have a profit of 150,000 € plus your starting capital on the investment.This fact makes a total of 160,000 €. You benefit from the guaranteed capital: you cannot lose the money you invest. However, performance may change from year to year.

Exotic investments: these are investments in more speculative investments such as gold, jewelry, fine wines, luxury watches, crypto-currencies, etc. Their share in your wealth should be limited. The advantage of these investments is that they are accessible, relatively simple to understand and amply sufficient to energize and diversify the wealth of anyone. Admittedly, there are many other complex investments (LMNP, Club Deal, FPS, FPCI) but these are especially reserved for very high assets accompanied by experts (tax specialists, accountants) and in search of solutions to reduce their taxes.

To the question of knowing where to put your money, there is no universal answer: the ideal allocation of savings depends on many criteria such as personal projects, the risk profile of the saver, his or her financial needs. cash flow linked to his lifestyle, etc. Either way, always keep in mind: Investing your money over a long period of time in dynamic investments pays off. A good allocation of assets makes it possible to obtain the best return / risk ratio.